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Via Disc Procedure

Intervertebral disc conditions, whether degenerative or injury-related, can be the root of debilitating pain and reduced mobility for many. The Via Disc Procedure, a groundbreaking, minimally invasive intervention, has emerged as a beacon of hope for countless patients. At Dallas Pain Institute, our esteemed specialists are adept in administering the Via Disc procedure to alleviate disc-related pain, aiming to restore function and improve the overall quality of life.

Why Choose Dallas Pain Institute for the Via Disc Procedure?

  • Pioneering Expertise: Our board-certified team is at the forefront of spinal interventions, consistently updating their knowledge and skills to provide the latest treatments.

  • Individualized Approach: Recognizing that every patient is unique, we offer tailored treatments, ensuring the procedure caters to individual needs and health backgrounds.

  • Cutting-edge Technology: Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology, ensuring precision and safety during the Via Disc procedure.

  • Holistic Care: From initial consultations to post-procedure rehabilitation, our commitment to your health and comfort is unwavering.

Is the Via Disc Procedure Right for You?

Patients experiencing the following symptoms could be candidates for the Via Disc procedure:

  • Chronic lower or upper back pain
  • Radiating pain, numbness, or weakness in the limbs
  • Reduced spine flexibility
  • Pain exacerbated by prolonged sitting or standing

The Via Disc Procedure Explained

This minimally invasive treatment focuses on:

  • Targeting Damaged Disc: With the guidance of real-time imaging, our specialists accurately target the affected intervertebral disc.

  • Repair and Relief: The Via Disc procedure involves the introduction of specialized tools and therapeutic agents to the disc. This can provide relief from pain and even aid in the repair of damaged tissue.

  • Short Recovery Time: Due to its minimally invasive nature, the procedure often leads to quicker recovery times compared to traditional spinal surgeries.

Post-Procedure Care at Dallas Pain Institute

Our commitment to your well-being continues well beyond the operating room:

  • Comprehensive post-operative guidelines to aid in a swift and effective recovery.
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy recommendations tailored to your needs.
  • Scheduled follow-ups to monitor progress and ensure optimal results.

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