Via Disc Procedure: A Closer Look at Advanced Pain Management Solutions

As spring arrives and temperatures begin to warm up, our team at the Dallas Pain Institute —servicing patients in Sherman, Rowlett, Greenville, Forney TX & the surrounding areas—are dedicated to making sure you can fully embrace all its joys. Chronic pain should not prevent people from living life fully – that’s where our innovative Via Disc procedure comes into play!

What Is the Via Disc Procedure?

The Via Disc procedure is an innovative minimally invasive treatment revolutionizing pain management. It involves precisely administering natural, cushioning formula directly to affected discs of your spine for immediate pain relief, providing hope to those who have not found relief through conventional means.


Who Can Benefit?

Individuals experiencing chronic back pain caused by degenerative disc disease or other spinal conditions may find the Via Disc procedure particularly helpful, particularly those who have not responded well to traditional therapies or wish to avoid more invasive surgeries.



Via Disc treatments are administered under X-ray guidance to ensure precision. A needle is carefully inserted into an affected disc to inject a special solution designed to promote healing and relieve discomfort. Most procedures take only an hour and most patients return to their daily activities quickly thereafter.


Via Disc Benefits

Patients undergoing the Via Disc procedure may notice numerous improvements, such as:

  • Significant reduction of back pain
  • Increased mobility and flexibility
  • Enhanced ability to engage in daily activities without pain medications
  • Reduced dependency on painkillers


Discover More About Via Disc

Discover more about how the Via Disc procedure can transform the management of chronic back pain by visiting our website or reaching out to one of the Dallas Pain Institute locations throughout North Texas in Sherman, Rowlett, Greenville or Forney, TX.

Dallas Pain Institute provides Chronic Back Pain Solutions through Via Disc. As we are committed to patient well-being, we invite you to explore this advanced treatment option for chronic back pain relief. Reach out to us in Sherman, Rowlett, Greenville or Forney and let us show how this breakthrough could open up a more active and fulfilling lifestyle! View our locations right here.