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Low Back Pain

Low back pain is one of the primary reasons for doctor visits in the United States. The spine, an intricate marvel of technical design, can be a source of complex issues. Low back pain could be due to simple causes like a muscle strain or more serious issues like arthritis in the back joints, inflammation of intervertebral discs, or irritated back nerves.

Frequently, back pain, particularly lower back pain, results from pulled or strained muscles and ligaments. It can either develop instantly or progress over time due to natural wear and tear.

Back pain is usually acute, but if neglected, it may turn chronic. Even acute back pain can be intense and disrupt your daily activities.

Common causes of back pain encompass: 

  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Falling
  • Long-term poor posture
  • Sports injuries
  • Trauma (e.g., car accidents)
  • Structural problems (herniated discs, arthritis, compression fractures)

Despite back pain being a widespread issue, there are straightforward steps you can take to prevent it. Here’s how you can reduce your risk of back pain:

  • Engage in back-strengthening and stretching exercises a few times a week
  • Lift heavy objects using proper form (bend your knees and keep your back straight)
  • Stay active
  • Maintain a healthy, balanced diet

Acute back pain typically doesn’t last longer than six weeks and often resolves independently. However, enduring pain unnecessarily isn’t required. We can help diagnose chronic conditions and initiate early treatment. If your pain persists beyond three days, it’s time to seek help.

The back specialists at Dallas Pain Institute offer cutting-edge treatment options. After a comprehensive evaluation and physical exam, our back experts in Dallas, TX can provide a diagnosis and devise a personalized treatment plan.

Your treatment might consist of a mix of medication management, lifestyle adjustments, physical therapy, non-surgical procedures, minimally invasive procedures, or surgery when required.

Low Back Pain Treatment North Dallas, TX

We have pain management clinics in North Dallas including Sherman, Rowlett, Greenville & Forney, TX.

If your back pain is causing significant disruptions and limiting your ability to work or move around, let the pain management specialists at Dallas Pain Institute assist in assessing, diagnosing, and treating the root cause of your low back pain. Reach out to us today and embark on your journey towards a pain-free life!